Why do SL models have a need for attention and, dare I say it, the need to be famous in SL?   I guess I’m guilty of the need for it too, up to a certain point.  While I never, ever expected to be famous in our little fashion community, I was just happy knowing that people knew who I was – for all the right reasons, of course!  I’d say that my expectations were healthy and realistic as far as Second Life modeling was concerned.  Whenever my head swelled for whatever reason and I needed a dose of virtual reality, I’d go visit some blues or jazz club to chill out because everyone else there could give a hoot as to who I thought I was!


But where does this need come from, I often wonder.  My RL is a good one – I’m healthy, happy and I lack or want for nothing.   I looked up the meaning of famous which is “known by many”.  So then I wondered, what does infamous mean?  Well, I guess I never took the time in the past to truly know what it meant.  It means ” well known for some bad quality or deed”.  How about that?   After much contemplation, I’ve decided that it’s healthy for us to have a need to be famous whether it’s in RL or our SL.  Humans don’t want to just exist and we want to make our mark in either life when all is said and done.


Some of us have gone a step further and have become, or are aspiring to become, infamous.  I suppose one can achieve this by being rude and obnoxious to other people for no good reason.   So I decided that I’d much rather be a nobody than be noted for infamy.   Thanks for reading today and I hope I provoked some thought for a Thursday!


D E T A I L S:
Lipstick: Modish Mei Lips
Glasses: Yummy Cat Eye Readers
Ring: *CentoPallini* Flower Ring
Skirt: –tres blah– Lovett
Top: .Atomic. {Charlotte Sweater}
Shoes: DirtyMind Black Charlie Derby W/ Socks
Hair: Lamb. Alice
Hat: MOON // Wide Brim Hat //
Collar: Tee*fy Detachable Peter Pan Collar

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