2015 Avi Choice Fashion Awards Nominee

It’s that time of year for voting for the Avi Choice Fashion Awards!!

This year, however, I was so honored and surprised to have been nominated in 2 different categories for the fashion awards and I wish to thank any and all of you who nominated me.  Therefore, I’m reaching out to my friends, readers and blog followers to ask that you kindly vote for me if you haven’t already voted or you’re at a loss for who to vote for.

After 5 years of SL modeling, I have been honored with a nomination as Favorite Female Fashion Model and also nominated for Favorite Fashion Blog.  Please click on the link to go vote and, hey, while you’re there place a vote for all the other numerous categories too!

VOTE HERE  (The 2 categories I’m nominated in are towards the bottom of the list.)  

Thank you so much for your consideration and/or vote.

I spent this past week trying on a few mesh heads and so far I’ve decided upon the one you see in this 100% raw shot below.  I’m working on a new,  a tiny bit more in-depth, blog post in the next day or two but in the meantime feel free to leave me some feedback on your feelings about mesh heads and my new look with the mesh head.  Thank you for reading today – Sunday – and have a great remainder to your weekend.


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