Change of Heart

I recently made a comment to someone, or maybe even on social media, that I wasn’t a huge fan of Truth Hair.  Okay, now wait a second.  I actually like Truth Hair styles and I have since I first shopped there back in 2010 but what I meant was that I wasn’t a fan of Truth’s red shades.  I had stopped buying hair there quite a few years ago because of it.

After someone mentioned that the shades had been updated quite awhile ago, I decided to visit Truth Hair again this past week.  Not only were the shades updated but there were a whole lot of styles that I fell in love with and purchased.  I also joined the VIP group.

Now I just need to get the word out to the RAMA Salon hair designers that their red shades, which really aren’t red, desperately need to be updated!  It kills me every time I see one of RAMA’s styles that I want so badly but have to pass by.  A girl can dream, can’t she?

D E T A I L S:
(fd) PJ Pants Naughty @C88
.::Supernatural::. Ieda Necklace
KUNGLERS – Calipso rings @ Tres Chic
TRUTH / Athena
Zaara : Nepal hoodie @C88
FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Old Station @Kustom9

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