You Can Dress Us Up

Another collab blogpost with my good friend, Tosha Bergan. It was her idea to put me into a gown for this post and I really have to say I loved this gown mainly for it’s unusual bodice. We have too few choices nowadays in Second Life for the unusual, or haute couture, so I enjoyed this gown for that reason.  Great idea Tosha! 👏

When it came to the gown, the only snag was that in the original ad for this gown the colors were red, black and what looked like purple.  The purple one was really the color I’m wearing which is “sea” or a seafoam color.  Hey, it still looked great alongside Tosha’s red gown but this is why it’s so important to make sure a windlight doesn’t change the color of an outfit.

D E T A I L S:
On Linda –
*elise* – Margherita Sunglasses
*elise* – Jewelery – Margherita set
Virtual Diva Couture Gown
Avaway White Pearl_EMMANUELLE_Back Necklace

Visit Tosha’s Blog Here for her styling details when she posts them

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