Sex Or Versatility

This weekend, I saw a notice for an upcoming modeling workshop in SL that will include a discussion about some different things such as clothing and events, etc.  Also in the notice a specific event was named (Whore Couture) along with the question – “Is that how you want to present your avi?”  


Since I won’t be attending the workshop I’m going to give my feelings on the topic right here.  With the introduction of mesh bodies a few years ago, the SL trend has definitely seemed to have exploded towards sexy clothing to show off our realistic attributes.  Even so, I think we should keep in mind that there’s a difference between sexual and sensual.   Since It’s a proven fact that if you give 2 people the same outfit, you’ll end up with 2 different looks, you could choose to look like a hooker – or not – with this new trend. A person can be sexy and wear sexy clothing without looking like they’re hanging out at a sleezy motel waiting for the next John to come along.


I look at it this way – there is nothing that says we SL models have to wear gowns all the time.  In fact, the more different types of clothing a SL model wears, the more versatile he’ll/she’ll become.  The more versatile he/she is, the more job offers will come his/her way.

I know that I enjoy a challenge and I enjoy not being pigeonholed as a specific type of model. I also like being sexy once in awhile. So is “versatile” how I want to present my avi? Absolutely!  Don’t limit yourself because people make you feel bad for wearing something that doesn’t fit into their moral standards. This is Second Life afterall – a chance to do things or wear things we don’t have an opportunity to in real life ♥

D E T A I L S:
Analog Dog – vanessa
je suis…de retour {bangle}
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Dina Leather Skirt & Top @ Whore Couture
^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears
Poses: Top – Le Poppycock; Bottom: Del May

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  1. So true and yes I agree there are differences and as well it is a challenge, how you make things look and as well, that SL afterall is a place to experiement or having fun and you always can do it tastefully. And taste is always a very personal thing, Great post Linda ♥

  2. Reblogged this on mielette and commented:
    I agree with Linda – we should be allowed to wear what we want in SL without being shamed for it. The only thing anyone should be shamed for is bad styling! :p

    1. Thanks! I thought it important that I gave my point of view. I’ve visited the fashion dish discussions this past year and they just seem pointless. In all honesty, I think having workshops are extremely important and helpful. However, they should be led by people in the industry who are current and up-to-date. That’s just my opinion.

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