Life In Movies

When I was little and I couldn’t fall asleep, I’d close my eyes and pretend I was in an old movie house replete with fancy curtains that would open as my movie began to play. The movie would find it’s way into my dreamworld and viola, I’d soon be fast asleep. It was comforting then and to this day, I still try and think about happy thoughts if I’m finding it difficult to fall asleep.


Lately, thoughts have filled my head as if several short-films of my life have been playing. You see, my Dad passed away on March 7th of this year and since then, I keep remembering events that have happened in my life with my Dad. I remember, I reflect and I smile as my short films unfold.


I took these blog pics at the end of February.  In fact, I took these pics before the blog post prior to this one. I never posted them because I couldn’t think of a title or a theme. Funny how things work out and how there always seems to be a reason for everything. The pics have a deeper meaning for me now.

Here’s to my Dad who gave me a lifetime of wonderfully happy movies/memories to conjur up!  I love you and miss you Dad. ♥

D E T A I L S:
(Yummy) Memory Locket – Gold
Nyon Outfitters Top was @ C88
Mutresse Spasiana Leggings was @ C88
.Shi : Ethereal Hair
Bleich – Mesh Dorothy – Cherry was @ C88
LaGyo Desdemona Charming Earrings
LaGyo Roses Satchel Bag
pr!tty – {Love Cat Headband} – :Gift inside Haley Hair was @C88
May’s Soul Queen of drama glasses
Bottom Pose: Del May
Pic Taken at One Caress

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