Come Sail Away

This is going to be my final post for my jumpsuit theme but it was fun to do.  I think I have more jumpsuits in my inventory but I’ll save those for another time.  I couldn’t resist saving this one from HH Hucci for last because I love the color and the texture.  I started out a bit more cutesy styling this with pigtails but then I went to Tres Chic and saw this Phoenix hairstyle with the hat.  Talk about coincidence right? It was a perfect match!


The title of this post is fitting for the obvious reason but the not-so-obvious reason is something I’m excited about. The title of the blog post is actually the title of a song performed by Styx. The former lead singer and an original member of the group Styx, Dennis DeYoung, will be performing a concert next Friday where I live. I LOVE his voice and if you’ve ever heard it you’ll know what I’m talking about. I can’t wait.


D E T A I L S:
Phoenix Jessica Hair @ Tres Chic
HH Hucci Florencia Jumpsuit
fri. – Loop Bangles (old item – may not be available)
L’Etre – Mesh Eyes [#8]
MiWardrobe – FoldBag – Bicolor
[AMARELO MANGA] – Guiomar White Ring
PumeC Lipstick @ Tres Chic
Pose top pic – Vibe Poses (unavailable)
Pose bottom pic – Devilish Poses (made “on the fly” for the setting)

Song/Video: Come Sail Away feat. Dennis DeYoung

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