Bronze Idol

I went searching my inventory for more jumpsuits to blog about and as I was scrolling up and down I came across the name Leverocci. Oh, how I loved that store! It was definitely on my favorite list of go-to clothing and accessories stores. Unfortunately, the store is now closed but you can still purchase a lot of Jill Elfan‘s designs on SL Marketplace.


I just finished going through my Flickr groups yesterday and deleted 260 groups that are inactive and/or obsolete. I didn’t have a problem hitting the “leave group” button in Flickr so why do I have such a hard time removing things in my in-world inventory? I have so much I don’t wear anymore like really old shoes. You know – shoes that have invisi-prims. Yes, that old, lol. I guess I just feel that someday I may need them for something. Do any of you feel the same way?


(Elate!) Olivia Glasses
(Yummy) Monday Morning Necklace
erratic / vanity – leather jacket
Leverocci – Metallic Wool Jumpsuit
Magika [Hair] Electricity
Miss LT Afashion mesh heels
Standing Pose by Devilish Poses (modified right hand)

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