I love patterns and textures. I know I say this all the time but it’s true. I guess I just like to be different – to stand out – and eye-catching patterns is a great start to achieving this. I’ve been a fan of Ocean Blackthorne’s Bakaboo designs just for this reason. What fun textures and colors these designs are! Mr. Blackthorne released more newness at the recent Ferosh Fashion Weekend S/S 2016 venue and of course, I fell in love with what I saw.


Bakaboo has wonderful dresses for women but I felt like being a bit different, and not so predictable, by wearing a pair of the men’s pants instead. It paired beautifully with the tunic from Hervae which was also released at the FFW venue.


Don’t paint yourself into a box and be sure to always try something new. Just because things may be labeled towards a certain gender, doesn’t mean it has to always be that way. Hair styles in Second Life® are an excellent example of this. Many men wear styles suggested for women and I know I’m constantly wearing hair that was designed for men in SL. So have fun with styles and fashion in SL since we don’t have too much of the same luxury in real life and that’s what Second Life is all about!

D E T A I L S:
Baiastice_Lasera foulard
BakaBoo – Baka Spring Pants @Ferosh Fashion Weekend Vendor Area
Hervae : Shay Elongated Sleeveless Sweater in Cloud @FFW Vendor Area
Jarvis unisex _ White Hat by Tracei
little bones. Rey @C88
Luglio Shades Black/Blu Lens by Tracei.
Pure Poison – Klara Sandals
[Since1975] – Finger Gloves

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