Ferosh Fashion Weekend – LBC

Xi Zane is back with some great designs that were unveiled at the SS2016 Ferosh Fashion Weekend.  You still have time to visit the Vendor area and grab all the newness along with Exclusive items from various designers.



As a Second Life model, I can tell you when we’re on the runway there are guidelines we must adhere to and for good reason, of course.  One of those guidelines is to not add any accessories to our outfits or as little as possible so that the outfit can be the focus of attention.  Completely understandable!  That’s why blogging the outfit can be loads more fun because we can add whatever we want AND still let the outfit be the focus.  At the same time we can incorporate a different look or style for the same outfit or add someone else’s newness to showcase as well.  It’s all a part of a balancing act depending on whether you’re on the runway or blogging.  This is what I love about Second Like modeling and why blogging as a model is just as important as being on the catwalk.

D E T A I L S:
LBC: Cut It Out Dress *NEW* @ Ferosh FW Vendor Area
(Yummy) Fanny Pack EXTREEEME!!! – HOT Hot Pink
Bokeh – Pearl Choker “Silver”
alafolie bracelet grille or*
Clawtooth: Just for Kicks
[PPD] Shae Suede Boots

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