Thoughts and Daydreams

I’m still trying different mesh heads even though I thought I was satisfied with the Lelutka head and I’d look no further.  However, mesh heads (and bodies) are like potato chips – you can’t have just one!  Am I right?

I still haven’t worn my Catwa head mainly because I’m not in love with the lips at all – they’re too upturned and perky and weirdly fake looking.  The features on the Catwa head are marvelous and so many makeups and skins are being made for it, but I just can’t get past the lips, unfortunately.

In today’s post I’m wearing the LOGO Alex Mesh head.  I almost didn’t buy it because, quite honestly, the store vendor picture for the LOGO mesh head kind of sucked and I thought I’d be throwing away my money.  (Let this be a lesson in marketing to make sure your vendor ad pics are great if you want your buying public to buy without a second thought.)  I’m glad I bought the head and while there are some features I especially like, such as the numerous expressions, there are more that frustrate me such as the fact that you have to attach a bunch of parts every time you want to wear the head and the HUD isn’t the easiest to understand.   I realized last night that everything such as the hairbase, eyebrows, lips and freckles are all on 1 layer so if you want to change the color of one thing through the LOGO Hud, such as the lip color, you end up changing the color of everything on that layer.  At least I get to wear all those things on the 1 layer unlike the Lelutka head.  As with the Catwa head, you cannot wear system eyes with the LOGO head.  You can wear system eyes with the Lelutka head.

I know I have a lot to still learn about the LOGO mesh head and if I put a question into the LOGO group chat, there are many who are willing to help.  I’m just one of those people who likes to wait until absolutely necessary before I ask for help.   I laughed to myself last night as I thought that mesh heads were like men.  If you could just pick and choose those certain wonderful aspects of each to make the perfect “one” mesh head, life would certainly be grand.

There are such strides being made with the mesh heads and bodies but, after all is said and done, it seems to take far less time to get dressed wearing all system parts and just adding tattoos (aka the old-fashioned way).  I guess I’m just lazy lol.  Then again, I always get this way right after the holidays.  It’s like a big sigh of relief that it’s over and now leave me alone to just rest!  Hope all of you had a nice holiday and are having a well-deserved rest too.


D E T A I L S:
Shoes: =Zenith= Bohemian string patform Shoes
Purse: Katat0nik Fuzzy Dice
Sweater: Goth1c0: Space Kitty Loose Sweater
Hat: LaGyo_Eared bowler
Hair: little bones. Beau
Ring: MG – Maya Sun Goddess
Pants: Neverwood//. Valyrie Utility Trousers

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