Flaunt It

There are some things that you need to treat delicately and one of those things is any shoe created by Mayhem Seetan of Azoury.

Hands down, Azoury makes some of the most creative shoe designs in Second Life® but you can’t just ‘wear’ the shoes like you’d wear a pair of slippers.  Your whole body needs to accept the fact that it’s being honored by wearing such different and distinct shoes. Everything has to be just right while wearing a pair of Azoury shoes, from your head down to your ankles, where the shoes begin to transform your feet.  Just as each pair of Azoury shoes has it’s own personality, the clothing you choose to wear with the shoes should follow suit.

I knew all this when I recently bought my new pair of Azoury Flaunt shoes so I had to make sure that everything else I wore wouldn’t be upstaged by my shoes but, rather, work with them and compliment them.  When I was done enveloping my body with Baiastice and GizzA, with what I thought was an appropriate homage to my new shoes, I breathed a sigh of relief that my mission was accomplished.  My feet are happy and so am I.


D E T A I L S:
Shoes: AZOURY – Flaunt Shoe
Top: Baiastice_Gina Blouse Sheer
Pants: GizzA – Voyage – High Waist Pants [Tweed Pastel]
Bracelet: Glam Affair – Bangles Set
Hair: Lamb. Ultraviolet
Table: Scarlet Creative
Curtains and candle: Vagabond & Kalopsia

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