MOLiCHiNO Style Maven Competition!!

OH NO!! These MOLiCHiNO Models have lost their mojo!!
They need your help to style this dress!!!
Do you just LOVE MOLiCHiNO designs?
Then we have a contest for you!!

It’s your chance to become a MOLiCHiNO Style Maven!


Contest starts NOW!
Competition entries close Sunday 25th November. Any Entry after this date will not be accepted.
Prizes in total worth well over L$17000

Grand Prize – L$3000 to spend how you please. Plus the next 2 new release fatpacks from MOLiCHiNO, Title of “MOLiCHiNO Style Maven” and winning picture showcased at MOLiCHiNO VIP Area at Flagship Store.

2nd Prize – L$1500 to spend how you please. Plus the next new release fatpack from MOLiCHiNO.

3rd Prize – L$750 to spend how you please. Plus one fatpack of choice already released at the mainstore.

====================================================================== ==


> Only 1 entry allowed per person.

> Purchase MOLiCHiNO Fame Dress from the Flagship Store in any color you choose.

> Style the dress with additional items from MOLiCHiNO or accessories from other designers. This is your time to shine and show your styling creativity with items to compliment your vision.

> Take a picture of yourself wearing your styled outfit and and submit it to the MOLiCHiNO Style Maven Contest Flickr group. (Picture should be no bigger than 1024 x 1024)

> Post processing of your photo is allowed. However, please make sure the styling and clothing stands out.

> Name your entry ‘MOLiCHiNO Style Maven Contest‘ or it will not be eligible.

> In the description of the picture please list full styling credits that were used to complete your look.

> Photographs will be judged on the following criteria:
1. The creativity of the styling of the outfit. Have you stepped outside the box?
2. The overall theme of the photograph, does it suit the outfit you have styled?
3. Have you made sure the focus of the photograph is the dress?

> Official MOLiCHiNO Bloggers are ineligible to enter the competition.

===================================================================== =

The winner will be announced Saturday 1st December and will be chosen by the following judges:

Aurelia Chauveau, Owner and Designer of MOLiCHiNO
Linda Reddevil, MOLiCHiNO Manager | Oglam COO & Co-Owner
AnnaG Pfeffer, MOLiCHiNO Paparazzo | MV♛ 2012 Official Candidate “Miss Venezuela”
Starline Igeria MOLiCHiNO Paparazzo | Miss Color of Couture 2012 | MV♛ 2013 Official Candidate “Miss Kenya”

As a bit of fun, Aurelia’s RL mum will also be casting her vote 😀

====================================================================== ==

Thank you and Good Luck to all who enter!

MOLiCHiNO Flagship Store

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