Cavalliesque + Lindaesque

As some of you know OGlam (Outrageous Glamour Agency) recently held a model search casting for our modeling agency in SL.  One of the final phases of the casting required the models to use Roberto Cavalli’s Fall 2012 collection as inpiration for their stylings.  It was a fun challenge for the models who casted in addition to OGlam Management, judges and audience members.  For me, in particular, I studied the photos from the Cavalli Fashion Show and scrambled around SL and Marketplace searching for clothing to complete various outfits.  I came up with 3 different styles to wear but ultimately only wore 2 – one for our advertisment and one for the actual day of the casting.

There was one dress in the real life collection that I adored mainly because of its pattern (or texture as we call it in SL) and I knew I’d never be able to find something similar unless I specifically requested someone to make it.  To my surprise, and delight, LD Major recently released the very dress I was drooling over.  I scrambled over to the venue (Fi*Fridays) to grab my copy and here it is.  I added what I call Lindaesque to it because I took away the colored gloves that were used in the real life collection and added my color to the outfit via the purse and boots.  I may not be technically one of the Godivas of SL, but today I feel pretty damn close to being a godiva wearing this dress!

Moving on to note one more thing in today’s blog post I just have to mention SLink’s new mesh hands!!!!!  O.M.G. finally we have hands that are really, really realistic in many different positions.  Finally, my hand can hold a purse strap and actually look like it’s holding it.  You just have to check these hands out.  There are many different positions of hands and you can buy them separately or in special Fatpacks.  Or you can buy the whole shebang like I did because you just never know when you’ll need a different hand position.   I should note that you can wear a different hand position on each hand so if you’re holding a purse on one hand you’d wear that particular hand while the other hand may be a casual one.  I’d advise reading the instructions since you’ll need them to complete the look of the hands on your avie.  Once you finish, you’ll be extremely happy I guarantee it!

D E T A I L S:
Dress: [[LD]] Major: Cavalliesque (for Fi*Fridays)
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands
Boots: KLETVA-Tronacy Boots/with prim socks
Purse: LaGyo_The Desperado bag – teal croco
Necklace: p.c; Knotted Snake Chain Necklace
Hair: [e] Studio – Red 05

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