A Sad Day

This won’t be the usual fashion blog post today so please bear with me. 

All of us have certain things we’re passionate about whether it’s in-world or in real life and today’s post will be about some sad news I received in-world this morning.  Another business in SL has decided to close its doors!  I can almost see the lack of surprise on your faces as you think to yourselves “so what?”  Yes, you’re right that businesses come and go in SL too often, but so few businesses have an impact on our virtual lives such as this one did on mine.  Maritima Inc has decided to shut it’s doors in Second Life, forever to be known only in memory. 

Maritima Inc was the place to be when I started modeling in SL last summer.  In fact, the Maritima Modele was the first model tag I received and all I had to do to receive it, was to show up for a casting of some sort.  NyuNyu Kimono handed those group tags out to established or neophyte models, as if she was handing out candy to hoards of little kiddies on Halloween night.  But in my mind, at the time, I was hoping that Nyu might have seen some model potential in me to have trusted me with that group tag.  I would do my best to prove her right so she’d never take it away.

Since it’s inception, Maritima Inc had produced some of the best fashion shows with set designs that wowed the masses who attended.  If you were looking for Avant Garde designs, the Maritima Mall was your go-to place with two wings to satisfy your craving.  Many designers were forever catapulted into prominence due to that Mall.  With all that Maritima Inc was known for, up until the decision to close it’s doors, I wish to share my fondness of one specific event at Maritima.

Every few months, a Maritima group notice would be sent out encouraging everyone to come and get a box of free goodies.  Included in the box, were outfits or parts of outfits from a well-known SL designer and maybe some gimicky items along with instructions.  You had to use at least 1 – 2 items from the box to create an outfit.  Sometimes there was a theme and sometimes there wasn’t. 

I hadn’t really realized it at the time, but the “I Can Style” contests weren’t  about winning or losing any prize.  How could I really “lose” when I was using my imagination to come up with outfits and styling them?  Looking back, I now know that these styling contests were a valuable exercise for me instead.  Most of all, they were fun!

My very 1st "I Can Style" contest @ Maritima August 2010 (Scarlette Niven)

NyuNyu had the patience of a saint during each event that Maritima had.   She was always very welcoming and treated everyone the same whether you were a model noob or an established model. 

Maritima Inc may decide to reopen it’s doors in the future since many SL businesses close and reopen like shutters flapping in the wind.  It just wouldn’t be the same if it did though.  All that Maritima embodied during the past year could never be replicated at another time and I’m okay with that.  I have my memories now, my experience and best of all…..my last piece of Halloween candy given to me by Nyu.

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