Just In Time For Fall

Not very often textures used for clothing impress me but what I’m about to show you blew me away.  On October 1st, 2011 at 10a slt, Prism Designs designer, Journey McLaglen, will be introducing her fall fashion line – an amazing ready-to-wear fashion that utilizes a variety of fabrics including wool, leather, linen, denim and lots of knit.  Pay close attention to the details of the fabric of these outfits – each one of these outfits includes original fabrics created by Ms. McLaglen which brings a uniqueness and realistic feel to each outfit.

The 3 outfits I’m showing here are all knits and the texture is so realistic, I could almost imagine my mother sitting in front of the TV knitting these outfits while we all listened to the incessant click-clack of her knitting needles in the background.

SLurl to Prism Designs

GABRIELLE: Gabrielle starts with a pair of slimming wool & leather trousers utilizing such textures as paisley, houndtooth, leather and animal prints. Included are 2 sweaters – one is a long turtleneck ribbed sweater and the other is a short cropped v-neck sweater. Colors available are Houndstooth Purple, Brown Wool Leather, Leopard & Black or Paisley & Grey.
IRENE: Irene is a gorgeous long sleeve knit sweater perfect for fall. You can wear this sweater as is or with one of 3 scarves available with the outfit. Included is a matching belt. Colors available are Taupe Multi, Green & Purple, Brown Multi and Black Multi.
SERE: Sere is a comfy, cozy sweater dress that comes with a contrasting belt, leggings and a matching shrug.

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