The Little Shoe That Could

I was sifting through various blogs and came upon a pair of shoes that not only were stylish but had a texture that I thought was lovely! Mind you, I’m really not fond of the color pink but this one time I made an exception. So you’ve heard of the term “from the ground up”? That’s basically what happened once I saw this pair of shoes. Starting with the shoes, I worked my way up to style around them including the pic.

W E A R I N G:
Shirt: COCO Sleeveless Sweater in Blackberry
Pants: GizzA FlaxPants in cream
Shoes: MStyle Rivea Pumps **New**
Earrings: LaGyo Magnitudo
Bracelet: Nemesis Honeysuckle
Hair flower: (NO) Headband
Skin: Garded Secret Ceara Pale Cherry Shimmer **New**
Pose: Del May Yen

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