Playtime to Elegance

COCO is one of those stores that has absolutely spectacular designs yet it’s kind of low key.  By that I mean that you don’t find cocoro Lemon’s designs on SL’s runway’s.  At least I haven’t seen them in the past year I’ve been modeling in SL.  On one hand they don’t need to be showcased in that way since the designs speak well enough on their own when you land at the front door.  On the other hand, I’d love to wear these designs on a runway because they’re so well made and chic.  I don’t think I’ve purchased one outfit, pair of shoes or belt that hasn’t fit almost perfectly. 

Runway or not, I love these designs and have for a few years now.   There are just so many offerings here including a wall of fantastic free group gifts.  Here are a few new releases that you just need to check out!

Shirt: COCO Linen Shirt in white *New*
Pants: COCO Cropped Pants in black
Hair: Detour Sienna
Sandals: SLink Cassia in creme
Glasses: Needful Things Poor Deer
Ring: LaGyo Shield Rings

Dress: COCO SwingDress in beige *New*
Hat: COCO FlowerPetalHat in PinkBeige *New*
Shoes: Courtisane La Vivien

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