Frilly & Spring”y”

The past week and a half mother nature has dumped over 5 feet of snow in the area where I live.  While I do enjoy a white Christmas just as much as the next person, I have to say I’m sick of the snow already.  I’m longing for a green Spring right now and luckily I get to live out that fantasy in Second Life.  I found this cute frilly dress at a store called Collect and it’s adorable from the ruffles on the shoulders down to the white lace petticoat.  The satiny fabric and flowing skirt are just begging for a springtime breeze.  Ahhh, I can just smell the lilacs blooming now!

Dress: Collect Maxi Onepiece (comes in other colors too!)
Hair: Elikatira
Earrings: {Junk} taper hoops
Necklace: Illusions Aurelie Teardrop Necklace
Sandals: KAO Boo-San hemp sandals
(All SLurls can be found on the Slurls Page Above)

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