The Happy Holidays Hunt

Going on hunts is akin to IQ tests for me.  I just don’t have the patience.  I hate to admit it but I have this one quirk that is normally shared by many men…..if it doesn’t jump out and stare at me in the face, I can’t be bothered.  (And yes, I am a female in RL but somewhere along the line, I got that gene.)

I found myself with not much to do in SL the other day.  Alas, I had tried casting for a show that I didn’t get, so I decided to perk myself up by shopping.  I decided to temporarily rid myself of that male gene and go on The Happy Holidays Hunt.  It was fun and I found way more than I thought I would.  What good is having success at a hunt if you can’t share your treasure?  Below are some of the things I found and if you haven’t been on the hunt, you should.  There’s still time!  (Check out the SLurls page for LM’s)

Hair: JE Republic
Top & Scarf: Berries Inc. (Hunt Item)
Bermuda Shorts: Redgrave
Leggings: So Many Styles
Boots: Miel
Pose & Ornament: Di’s Opera

Hair: Truth Pamela
Jacket: Fir&MNA Guvnor Jacket (Hunt Item)
Jewelry: MOOD Isla (Hunt Item)
Pants: Bukka
Belt: Ume Mode

Hair: Dernier Cri Ann
Jacket: The Secret Store Silver Snowflake Jacket (Hunt Item)
Leggings: Maven Haus Vertigo Leggings (Group Gift)
Boots: BedlaM Walkabout Boots

Dress/Belt/Leggings: Onyx Wear Sweater Eleven Dress (Hunt Item)
Hair: Black Maria hea-hea hair
Ear Muffs: Saikin
Scarf: Osakki Militant Scarf (Hunt Item)
Boots: KAO fringe boots
Armwarmers: Mentine
Pose & Wreath: aDorkable (Hunt Item)

After a long day of hunting I was ready to slip into my jammies and chill the rest of the night!

Pajamas: Pididdle (Hunt Item)
Hair: Curl Up & Dye

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