Maritima’s “I Can Style” Event (Tres Beau)

I can’t say enough about the “I Can Style” events at Maritima.  I’ve attended, and competed in, 3 of them so far.  These events challenge your styling creativity and ability so there really are no losers.  Personally, I feel like I can be my self at this event and do some things that otherwise would be considered no no’s in a fashion show.  My theory is this: It’s not a fashion show, per se, and if I don’t win,  I at least want to do something that I’ll be remembered for! All in good taste, mind you.  Hopefully, I managed to do that last night.    Here are more pics from the show… courtesy of Burly Tigerpaw


From left to right: Echo Xigalia - 1st Place; Nave Fall - COO Tres Beau; Kimmera Madison - Owner Tres Beau; Linda Reddevil - 3rd Place; ezmeralda Silversmith - 2nd Place


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