The Runway Cafe Presents BlackLace Lingerie

On Sunday, October 10th, I was involved in a new concept in fashion shows in Second Life.  The show was presented by The Runway Cafe for BlackLace Lingerie‘s Fall/Halloween Lingerie line.

Instead of the usual catwalk for the models, The Runway Cafe came up with the brilliant idea of making the fashion show more of a party complete with dance floor, DJ and a smallish stage for the models to pose on when their turn came to model the design they were wearing. 

How was this different?  Let me assure you that it was quite different. The models and guests mingled throughout the entire night.  We laughed, joked, chatted and danced our pixelated butts off to the great tunes being played.  The DJ, Tristain Savon, was an integral part of the fashion show as well.  Honestly, he was the best DJ in SL that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

The show was a huge success and the guests and models had a great night.  For more info please visit The Runway Cafe Blog and The Runway Cafe Flikr Page.

Photos Courtesy of Jena Adder

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  1. Thanks Linda. The event was a great success and fun to organize. You and the other talented models were fantastic and such a pleasure to work with. Stay tuned… much more to come in the coming months! Jena.

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