Cute Shoes and more from *G Field*

This past weekend I was in a show for The Runway Cafe which I’ll proudly describe to you in another post when I can get a link to the blog and the pictures posted there. 

Anyhow, one of the other models was wearing the cutest shoes.  Now, in RL I’m not a shoe freak by any means.  Buying shoes in RL is like buying toilet paper and purses.  I need them so I buy them but I don’t necessarily like to.  In SL I adore shoes and I’ve stopped trying to figure it out other than they don’t cost much (except for Stiletto Moody’s) and the designs are pretty creative.   Listen, I really like Stiletto Moody shoes too, but in my opinion they’re quite a bit overpriced considering her competition is creating shoes that are just as comparable.  And most other shoes don’t require a rocket scientist to get the skin colors to match!

I used my sneaky Inspect feature to see who created the shoes I was admiring and they were from *G Field*.  All the shoes were adorable and there is a clothing line, socks, accessories in addition to furniture.  For Halloween, there is a half price sale on a pair of new shoes I fell instantly in love with called *GF* Rose Bootie *Diva* in Orange. The new line comes in many other colors too but only the orange is 1/2 price for now.

*GF* Rose Bootie *Diva* in Orange

Visit the store, if you haven’t already, by clicking the Link above and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Happy Shopping!

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