Tooting My Own Horn

Yes folks, I’m tooting my own horn today.  I had a decent day on Sunday in SL.  I found out I won 3rd Place with my photo and styling for House of Europe Face of Europe Monthly Contest for September.  Below is my winning picture.  I don’t propose to be a good, or even mediocre, picture taker in SL so I admittedly winged this one but it didn’t come out too bad.  I was hoping that the judges would look more at my styling of the dress than the actual picture so, therefore, I’m sticking to that theory for winning 3rd place.

3rd Place Winner HOE Face of Europe for September

I used to co-own a club in SL called “The Garage” and not only did we have a club but we also had a mall and skybox rentals.  Anyway, one of our former mall tenants remembered me and looked at my profile and saw that I was modeling in SL now.  He asked me if I’d like to model one of his new lingerie designs and of course I said yes.  (My momma raised no dummy!)  So, a big thank you to Henrik Abruzzo of Magic Fashion for remembering me and for taking a lovely picture that is displayed in his store. 

Flower Passion Black Lingerie from Magic Fashion {Henrik Abruzzo}

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