Review Policy


All pictures found on my blog are the property of, and copyright protected by, Linda Reddevil and her human counterpart. Copying and using said pictures for your own blog or for use as vendor pics in your store, without my consent, is copyright infringement. If you would like to showcase any of my pictures in your store, or for a magazine, I’ll be happy to oblige when asked first.


While I appreciate review copies of items that are sent to me, the following may apply to your item(s):

  • More often than not, I’m usually behind in blogging but there are times when an item just may not suit my style.
  • I may not blog your item(s) right away mainly due to the available time I have in SL.  I also don’t like to be a part of the 100 or so bloggers who blog the heck out of an item as soon as it’s released.
  • If you send me an item in all the  various colors, I will usually only pick the one color that I think will work with my hair, skin, etc. but I will mention that the item is available in various other colors.
  • While there are very few exceptions, I don’t normally blog skins because I think it’s a personal thing.  Also, my time in SL is limited so I don’t have time to change my facial features to suit your skin.  Thus, I don’t blog shapes either!
  • I will blog your item(s) but not necessarily the charitable fundraiser that your design can be found at.  Unless  I’m passionate about the charity, the blog post will strictly be about your item(s).  I may/may not include the link to the fundraising event but will always include a link to your mainstore.
  • Your blog items found at events such as Collabor88, FaMESHed, TDR etc. will usually  include a link to that event along with a link to your mainstore.

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