Put your troubles into bubbles

Whether it’s blowing bubbles with a wand or blowing chewing gum bubbles, the act itself can be cathartic. When you feel down or you have things in life that are troubling you, one thing that can usually put a smile on your face is blowing bubbles.   I recently had a very good friend pass away from his year-long bout with pancreatic cancer.  Mike fought courageously to live and was so determined to stay on this earth, but I think all those aggressive chemo treatments finally got the best of him.  I also recently found out that my brother is in the ICU with Covid/pneumonia and isn’t doing all that well.  We are estranged but that still doesn’t mean I wish him this battle to fight. If you happen to be looking for me today, you’ll find me some place blowing bubbles…

D E T A I L S:
Schadenfreude Cloud Kneehigh Socks
*barberyumyum*P14 @Anthem
*Vanilla Bae* Cutie Leg Ribbon
.LeLUTKA Gum Gum Boom
Belle Epoque – Saskia @Anthem
Cinoe feat. Tia Rungray Headphones @Anthem
friday – Suzy T-Straps

Pic taken at Finche.

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