If you want a friend, get a dog (or cat)!

I love dogs but in RL I’m owned by 3 cats.  Working full-time, it has always been just easier to own felines since they don’t require as much work and attention that dogs do.  I remember when I was 12 years old and my Dad’s side of the family, which included 3 kids, 1 baby and 7 adults, flew to California and rented a Winnebago to travel up and down the coast.  While the entire trip is another story altogether, we made a stop a San Jose to visit family friends who owned an almond ranch. [read more below]

As interesting as that was, they also owned a red-haired, short-haired,  dachshund named Peanut.  I fell in love instantly and have never forgotten him even to this day.  I swore then and there that someday I would own a dachshund and name him Peanut!

At this point in my life I’m waiting to retire so that I can devote the time needed to owning and raising him since it doesn’t seem fair to a dog to only be able to spend a few hours a day with it. That time can’t come soon enough.

D E T A I L S:
*barberyumyum*L16 @Anthem Event
+VOND+ Grunge Sneakers
-[ vagrant ]– Summer Leggings
.miss chelsea. Myla Jacket @Anthem Event
LaGyo_Octavia Earrings & Necklace @Kustom9
Mon Cheri – Sofia Mani Nails @Anthem Event
NaaNaa’s Kiss Me Set @Anthem Event
Picture 1 Pose – Amitie Resolutions 02 (gacha item)
Picture 2 Pose – Luane’s World – Used To with Dog

Picture taken at Eterea

*Also wearing Genus Baby Face and Maitreya Lara

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