LIfe Is Too Short To Blend In

I go to events and buy, buy, buy but I really have to try very hard to revisit items that I’ve purchased in previous months such as this cute dress I purchased at the September 2017 round of Cosmopolitan. Hey, like I always say, some things never go out of style.  Or is that just my justification for not blogging things until 3 years later??  Hmm…I am off to ponder.

D E T A I L S:
WarPaint* Smokeshow eyeshadow @Anthem (current round btw!)
.::Arkan::. Gloves Bento
.:Avanti:. Dulce Collar
Ade – Tay hair
PLASTIX – Lunesta Dress
Remezzo Kasslina Heels
MINIMAL – Natural Nude Backdrop

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