First One To The Finish Line Is It!

I finally broke down and bought the new heads from the Lelutka Evolution line to take advantage of the reduced prices during the pandemic. I’m still in love with my Genus head but considering all that is going on with Genus at the moment, I thought it would be a good idea to have an alternative just in case things don’t work out in favor of Genus. My fingers are cross for them! In the meantime, I’m going to give my 2 cent review of the Lelutka head below.

So wearing the head is easy enough and thankfully since I’m familiar with Genus, this was a piece of cake. The HUD is nice and I think I prefer it over Genus especially since animations are included in one HUD along with everything else. Genus has a separate animations HUD so I rarely ever use animations with it. Both heads have a great high def quality to them and both heads are pretty seamless with the Maitreya body no matter what skin you’re wearing. It’s the Legacy body that has issues with that damn neck seam and I wish they’d fix it for crying out loud.  Getting back to the animations on the HUD, Lelutka’s are top notch and look fairly natural and there are plenty of them.  The movements are subtle but still noticeable including blinking. I can’t say the same about Genus animations unfortunately.  I never use blinking on my Genus head because it makes my eyes wonky.  I also have to wear an eye lock with Genus because they never fixed the eyes from moving all over the place when you’re using an AO.  Again, seemingly not an issue with Lelutka head(s).

Plenty of makeups are available for Genus but there was a time, when the head was new, that products for the head were scarce. Lelutka Evolution is still fairly new and makeups are popping up all over at events and I’m sure there will be more as time goes on.  One thing I noticed was that I can still wear some Genus appliers with my head even though my head was changed to BOM.  For instance, lipsticks and hairbases can be applied via an applier to the Genus head while everything else is applied via BOM.  I like that feature.  Years ago I bought a few Lelutka heads such as Simone and I noticed I can’t apply those old applier lipsticks that I had purchased for that old head to wear with the new head.  Luckily I never purchased a lot of makeups because I had decided instead to wear another brands head before Genus came on the scene.

Lelutka is a great head with great features  but bottom line, for me though, is that I prefer how I look with the Genus head. No matter which Genus head I wear, I wear one shape and put on a skin from my vast array and I look like “me”. So far, I’ve had to create 3 different shapes for Lelutka Evolution Nova Head depending on which skin I’m wearing and that just makes me unhappy. Will I have to make several shapes for the other Lelutka heads too? I’m glad I purchased the Lelutka heads to use when I feel like changing things up but I’m not ready to give up my Genus head just yet.

D E T A I L S:
Pixicat– Aerial Top
LaGyo_Celia Choker
LaGyo_Celia Earrings
Modulus – Leif Hair
UNA. Salt Trousers @Uber
[Fetch] Karter Glasses @Uber
[LWL] Taxidermy Poodle Purse (unavailable)

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