The secret to a good morning is to watch the sunrise with an open heart

Today’s post has a few “firsts” in it. This is my first post as an official Anthem Event blogger! There’s so many great items at the Anthem event so be sure to take time out and visit.

The next “first” is alme. nails for Legacy. Actually, this set of nails isn’t the exactly the first set for Legacy but creator ChloeElectra just recently started creating for Legacy and I wanted to be sure to give her a mention. One important feature that makes alme. nails stand out is the fact that you can choose the length you’d like to wear. I don’t know about you, but I don’t always want to be walking around with daggers for fingernails so the shorter length is sufficient.

My final “first” comes with a short story. I was viewing some pics on Flickr of Lode headpieces (for my next post) and came across one pic of designer, Chirzaka that not only showcased a beautiful headpiece but also had some killer eyelashes she was wearing along with it. While the lashes aren’t sold any longer (I researched), it got me thinking. So I headed over to the Marketplace to search for lashes for my Genus head to see if there were any creative ones and I did find a few and purchased them. I quickly got an IM from the creator thanking me and telling me that I was THE VERY FIRST person to buy her lashes. Now, seriously how often does that happen and how seriously cool is that? I was excited for her and I have absolutely no doubt she will soon have hordes of customers.  She has a few styles out now and they are so natural and realistic looking.  Link is below to her MP store.

D E T A I L S:
[SB] *Genus* Julia Water S.St 01.BW 05 eyebrows @Shiny Shabby
WarPaint* Adoration band @Cupid Inc.
.euphoric ~Macchiato Eyes
(TG) Spider Mink Lashes
(Yummy) Burning Love Ring @Cupid Inc.
::GB:: Phone Strap @Anthem
alme. Mesh Stiletto Nails – Maitreya @Anthem
Baiastice_Lorna Thigh High Boots @Uber
VRSION RV43 Glasses BO @Anthem
[KNOX] Callie Hair
[RED GIRL] Bea Mini Dress Cross
lop backdrop roof
Pose top pic – SAPA poses 68.1 @Anthem

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