Sometimes it’s Good to be a PackRat

I wouldn’t exactly say I’m late to the BOM party but this past week I decided to commit to it and I hunkered down and did just that.  The main reason I waited is because my main skin creator hadn’t released the body skin in BOM.  I think this is what throws me off, though.  Years ago when we wore “skins” it would cover us all over from head-to-toe.  Now there is a separate tattoo for the head and yet another skin for the body and you have to wear one before the other or the neck won’t match.  That is the downside to all things BOM that I can see.  I have lots more positives.

What a joy it is to be able to wear eye shadows and blush again! I can wear my old freckles again too. Being a redhead, I have a vast collection of freckles that I used to wear with my system skin and I’ve missed them. I can now wear them all over my face without having to choose only face or cheeks or nose because something else I want to wear might encroach upon that layer. I can wear my eyebrows without my freckles disappearing and then having to start all over again because I needed to decide which I’d rather sacrifice – which, by the way, was never the freckles.  However, I kind of got used to appliers and what they would do or couldn’t do.

I think I spent a lot more time playing with using BOM and hopefully that’ll change. Once I got the head and body situated with the BOM skins I think the majority of the time was spent playing with eye shadows and lipsticks. Just trying to remember what my favorites were was a challenge all it’s own. LOL Yes, I have kept almost every single skin, lipstick, hairbase etc. I’ve ever purchased. In hindsight, maybe I knew that I’d be able to wear them again? Sure, as long as I don’t have to admit that I may just be a packrat.

As I finish writing this, I realize one other downside but it’s not a biggie. Lipsticks have come a long way since wearing them with our system bodies and I really do prefer the high-def lipsticks we now have to wear with the Genus head, for instance. I will continue to play around and wean myself from using the appliers. Once I was happy with the look I got using BOM it was clear I’m on the right path.

Thanks to all the designers who have scrambled to reissue their inventory for us for BOM!  However, designers need to remember that if they issue tintable versions of their item that they need to make them modifiable.  I’ve now run into this issue twice and I’m sure I will again until everyone gets used to BOM.

D E T A I L S:
[SB] *Genus* JuliaFfire Eyebrows
FABIA– Mesh Hair < Sally> (enhanced for top photo)
Absolut Vendetta– WRISTBAND WOMAN
FLite. -Skyhigh boots
RKKN. Jess’s Suspenders & Sweater
Shai* Women’s Patchwork Jeans – Vintage
Poses and stool – CKEY Poses – Moments V2
Backdrop – WeArH0uSE [attic] (modified slightly)

Older items worn that cannot be purchased (I’m listing for nostalgic reasons):
[bellballs] Folded Black Shades
Amacci – Classic Blush Tattoo – Rose
*BOOM* Pale Pucker Dull Lipsticks

Wearing Maitreya Mesh Body and Genus Baby Face mesh head

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