A New Legacy

So I splurged this past week on the new Legacy mesh body. Yes, I read all the comments from people who bought the original TMP mesh body and how they felt betrayed because the creators just took off with no updates or customer service. Granted those are valid reasons to consider, and I did, but I also noticed that those who were buying the new body were loving it and speaking highly of it’s appearance. So, yes, I went ahead and splurged. [more below…]

I never owned the original TMP body or head. I remember visiting the TMP store and hating it and that alone turned me off. While this new store is once again quite the different shopping experience than you’re used to, it’s far more user friendly than the old store. It’s informative, easy to follow and you can actually pay with Lindens this time! I should mention that the price tag for this body was $5,000L. It’s a steep price but I gotta tell ya that once I put it on, I had no more qualms about paying that price. The body is beautiful and realistic. Look at those knees in the picture!

I have a few more, but the main complaint I have with the body is the neck area. I mean seriously, they couldn’t have done a better job with that considering the price of the body? Maitreya Lara body worked fantastically with Catwa head and Genus head with no seam so there’s no good excuse for having to use neck fades with this body. Also, I know there are reasons for this, but the body is not OMEGA compatible. It’s something I’m trying to get used to and from what I hear in the Legacy group we’re all just waiting for Bakes On Mesh to be released to solve that issue. There is still only a few people making clothing for Legacy but more and more are popping up and some of my favorite places are already creating them. I’d like to see more skin creators making appliers for the body too which will help with the neck seam.  To keep updated on new releases, follow the Legacy Flickr Feed.

I’ll write more of my experience with the Legacy body in a few more upcoming blog posts.  Thanks for taking the time to visit and read. 🌹

D E T A I L S:
SU!– Face Piercing Set 01
::SG:: Classic Stileto Bento Mesh Nails
::SG:: Layla Shoes
BTTBxFKCN himlakropp hair @C88
Izzie’s – Hole Bangle
LaGyo_Lenis necklace gold (vintage item)
LaGyo_Safari Earrings @Anthem Event
TUSSAY Marra Dress @Cosmopolitan
[ SpotCat ] Little happiness – Bento ring
Poses: SAPA poses

*Wearing Genus Strong Head + TMP Legacy Mesh Body

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