Look Through My Window

Few things make me exclaim “wow” but the necklace I’m wearing in this post, by Kunglers, made me do just that when I put it on. It’s so intricate and delicate and creative that I’m afraid I did not do it justice in these photos. Please take my word for it that the necklace is fantabulous but, quite honestly, if you don’t believe me, then splurge and buy one for yourself. I expect some IM’s telling me that I was so right.  😀

d e t a i l s:
KUNGLERS – Euridice necklace *NEW*  @Cosmopolitan
little bones. Alaya
Pseudo– #718 Tank Dress
Giz Seorn – Panties (for those times when you need one)
Pure Poison – Eirene Pumps
FOXCITY. Pose & Silk Sarong for Bebe Pose Set
M E R C H– QUIET PLACE Backdrop *NEW* @ Level

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