Face It

I don’t know about you but every so often I have ideas to change things up. It sort of becomes a quest for me. Maybe even an obsession. This past week I decided to try and change my Bento head. I’ve been wearing the same head for awhile now and I like it a lot. Actually, I love it!  However, I’m having issues with these wonderful new hairbases that are coming out and after trying relentlessly to get help in the group for my head, I decided to look into a new head altogether because no one was solving my problem.

So off I went and purchased demos of the other Bento heads and got demos of some skins too. I decided upon one of the heads and one of the skins and then purchased the head. I really liked the look of it wearing just a hairbase. I was learning the HUD too and employed the help of a SL friend whom I knew owned that brand of head. While we were chatting on Skype, I got to thinking of all the skins, lipsticks, eyebrows etc. etc. that I owned for my other head. Granted, there were Omega versions in some of the packages but some things were definitely made for my old head. Not only that, but some didn’t even sell things for my new head at all nor did they include Omega when I went to the store. I verbalized this for my friend but she assured me that while it may take some time, I’d be happy with this new head. Then she told me to stop whining. 😏

The the next thing I did was to try on hairstyles that I recently purchased at Hair Fair 2018 and as I’m doing so, I’m hating how I looked in each one. That was it for me. I took off the new head and put on my old one. In that instant, I felt like me. The me I’ve nurtured and cultivated for the past 2 years. The me that (I think) is recognizable by most people who just see a pic of me without looking for a name first. I sort of hate myself for giving up on the new head so quickly but there were also issues with the hairbases on that head too which made me feel a little less like a wuss.

The moral of this story for me is: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I’m happy being me and unless someone is willing to pay me back all the money I’ve spent on stuffs for my old head, I’m sticking with it. The next time I go through one of these “I need to change” obsessions of mine, someone please just remind me of this post!

D E T A I L S:
LP Bustier_Blouse
C’est la vie ! Selma Pants
Bauhaus Movement – Milano Bag
REIGN.- Espadrille Flats
tram H0906 hair @ Hair Fair 2018

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