Old Yellow

Yes, I know it’s winter and I shouldn’t be wearing white but I’m cleaning up some outfits that I created that I hadn’t blogged yet so bear with me. So I’m hopping on the Backdrop City topic (sort of) by taking a pic there and using it in my blog post today. Notice folks that I’ve given credit at the end of the post!!

I hadn’t heard of the place until a friend directed me to a hot topic on Facebook which then found its way to the SL Secrets website. All I’m going to say is that I think the place is a great idea and I’m happy to see that there are still places like this in SL.

When I first started out as a SL model and needed to take contest photos or blog photos, I’d use places just like Backdrop City to take my photos. They were a Godsend for me because I had no backgrounds or backdrops and I didn’t know how long I’d be a model or photographer so I didn’t want to invest in any of them either. I now own quite a few backgrounds and backdrops in my inventory and I had no need to take my blog photo at Backdrop City for this post but I wanted to make a stand. I hope places like this continue and don’t get bullied into shutting down because they actually do provide a service regardless of what some may think.

“There is a sufficiency in the world for one’s need but not for one’s greed.”

D E T A I L S:
..S..: Bubble Puffer Coat
.random.Matter. – Momo Sunglasses
AD – casio hair
RYCA Earring Candy-Studs
Indented: Monroe Overalls & Top
LaGyo_Desdemona Statement Necklace
{kokoia} :: Murano ::
Photo taken at Backdrop City on a set created by Fashionboi Landar called Rowne.Street Style Star – The City RARE

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