Smokin’ Ain’t Allowed in School

I gave up smoking 4 years ago and I still can’t believe it’s been that long. I quit cold turkey and I’m glad I quit for many reasons. Sometimes I miss it but most of the time I don’t – especially when I smell the stale cigarette smoke on someone else. It was very, very hard to quit so I don’t plan on having to go through all that again!  Even so, this backdrop from Weekend Ruiner Group made me think of those days back in high school when we’d sneak a cig break. (This was well before the “no smoking in public places” law.)

It also got me thinking how funny it is that we have bathrooms, or houses that have bathrooms, in SL but they don’t get used. It’s sort of like television shows. Very rarely does anyone ever say to their lover on a TV show – “wait a sec hon, I have to go pee”. I guess that’s just too real. 🙂

D E T A I L S:
(Milk Motion) lace tank top @ C88
=Zenith=Leather Bucket Backpack
=Zenith=Summer Short Jeans with Belt @ C88
Baiastice_Sir Vival BootS @ Uber
Jeune by Rowne.Kristen Bralette @ C88
NO.MATCH_NO.HUNT.B. @ Cosmopolitan
THIS IS WRONG Old School tattoo FADED
Backdrop: WR22 – drill your own holes
Pose & Cig in top pic: FOXCITY

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