Just That Kind of Day

Ask anyone what their favorite fashion store is in SL and you’ll get all kinds of different answers. Go ahead and ask. Go on, I’ll wait!
I personally have several favorites and have had several favorites over the years. It’s actually quite depressing to go through my inventory only to realize how many of my favorite stores have closed up. Such is true in real life right?

I’d have to say that over the years I’ve consistently visited COCO Designs store and probably have most of Cocoro Lemon’s fashions in my inventory. It’s my “go to” store for up-to-date fashions and the new releases just keep coming. COCO Designs is definitely in my top 5 favorite SL fashion stores and that’s why I’m always wearing some item of COCO’s in my blogposts – today is no exception. If you’ve never visited the store, you should. If you already do, then you can empathize with my love affair.

D E T A I L S:
(NO) Feather Tutu
**RE** Luxy Rings
*COCO*_MegaPlatformSandals with SheerSocks
Sintiklia Hair Baby & Bangs
MG – Earrings – Trina Metal Bands – Design1 – L
MG – Earrings – Trina Metal Bands – Design1 – R
[BB] Fresh Water Pearls/Gold & Diamond Bracelet
[Fetch] Mystic Sunglasses (animated)

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