Evening Out

It’s amazing what a difference 10 years makes.  When you’re 20 years old, 10 years doesn’t make much difference, but as you age it definitely makes a bigger impact. Ten years ago, I was staying out all night on the weekends having a few beers with friends and dancing my butt off. Then life happened and I ended up having surgery on my right knee a few years ago due to a torn meniscus. That put an end to my dancing.


I’m tired of it holding me back and while I know I won’t ever dance like I did 10 years ago, I’m trying to strengthen it by walking more instead of babying it. Time will tell if it works but I’m hopeful.
Enjoy your Monday and thanks for stopping by my blog today. ♥

D E T A I L S:
(Kunglers) Isis bracelet @ We ❤ Roleplay
AZUL– Roshan Dress
Donna Flora ARTE earring
Beusy: Bailey Shaved Bun & Bangs (Naturals)
[[RH]] Japanese screen
Devilish Poses – Runway Series 1-1

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