The Simple Things

I don’t make clothes, I wear them.  So I can’t even imagine the difficulty some SL designers faced when mesh clothing became a reality and was becoming the norm.  Some designers caved under the pressure and then there were some that took it in stride and learned to grow with the challenge that mesh clothing presented.  Mami Jewell of AZUL is of that latter class of designers.


Some of you who’ve been around SL for a long time probably remember glitch pants/panties/shorts. Well, I got the biggest kick out of this newest AZUL release Brigitte Dress because it has a top and glitch pants applier for mesh bodies. You know, I really LOVE mesh clothing but I’d never been so happy to see a pair of glitch panties since mesh came along. Oh, it’s the simple things, ya know?  🎈🎈

D E T A I L S:
-AZUL- Brigitte (Lemon) *NEW*
Jewelry: LaGyo_Daisy
Opale . Lily Hair
phedora. Alexandra heels
Zafair – Mediterraneo Handbag -Limonero- @ Tres Chic

Photo Taken at Orchard Park

Visit my Flickr for a larger pic

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