As I said goodnight to the latest round of students at SCALA™ Academy after my blogging class, I had to stop and think about the class I had just taught. Six years ago, I fondly remembered sitting in a classroom at iC Motions Agency and Rissa Friller discussing how important blogging was for the Second Life® model. She didn’t know how right she was and how essential, educational, and therapeutic blogging has been to me over the years.

EB Dress

During my class, I briefly mention scoping out locations to use as a backdrop for pictures so it seemed fitting that I used the very classroom where I speak those words, as my backdrop in today’s post. This will be my final round of teaching blogging at SCALA™ Academy and I’ll miss this classroom and the memory of the students’ who have passed through it.  I hope I encouraged some of them to blog the same way Ms. Friller encouraged me six years ago.

D E T A I L S:
(Kunglers Extra) Guarana wooden bracelet
*EB* Dress “Dany”
booN Lab.005 hair
JamBee > Natasha Peep Toe Heels
Lt- Flors Stud Sky by Tracei
MG – Bangles – La Cubelle – Combo Small1
[RA] Fashionista Scarf Flower

Pic taken at SCALA Academy Classroom

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    1. Thanks so much Xio ♥ I’m so, so glad you enjoyed the class and that you’re doing what you love. Obviously, blogging is one of those things you love and it shows!

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