I’ve Got My Eye on You

If any of you have been following me, you’ll know that I’ve been blogging and writing about my quest for just the right mesh head – for me.  Well, let me just say that I might once again change my mind but for now I think I’m happy with my look in today’s post.  Finally.  And guess which head?  The CaTwa Annie head!  I knew I’d have to eat my words about what I said previously about the lips on the CaTwa mesh heads but I was talking about the Jessica head.  The CaTwa Annie mesh head’s lips are far better and more realistic.

Denim Overalls_Sitting

I have quite a few mesh heads now and skins to go with each that I won’t be at a loss if I wish to change up my look.  I only toyed with a fraction of the mesh heads out there, but the 4 or 5 that I did work with took up quite a bit of my time to research and test.  While most of the time it was fun, it could also be extremely frustrating.  I think the hardest and most complicated head was the LOGO Alex Omega head but I love, love, love all the different facial expressions that are available with this head.  The 2 easiest to work with are the Lelutka and CaTwa heads.

Denim Overalls_Standing

In closing, I just wanted to explain why I’m probably going to wear the CaTwa Annie head more often.  It boils down to ease of use of the HUD, the availability of cosmetics for the brand, the fact that I can actually wear the head with both my system shape or my mesh body and the unique look I ended up with using a skin from my favorite skin maker.   I didn’t want to look too pretty or too young or even cookie-cutter.  I wanted to look like…’me’.

Thanks for visiting my blog and if I don’t blog again in the next few days, I hope all my readers and/or followers have a wonderful and safe Happy New Year!! 🙂 ♥

D E T A I L S:
Purse: (Milk Motion) My satchel (Main store closed temporarily)
Scarf: (Yummy) Cowl Scarf – Orange Rorschach
Pants & Sweater: A&J Creation Galena Pants
Eyes: IKON Spectral Eyes
Shoes: REIGN.- Mari Plats
Hair: [RA] Nicki Hair

You can view these images in larger format here on Flickr

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