Mish Mesh

I occasionally wear a mesh body especially for photographs as it seems to photograph smoother than my system body.  I tend to rotate the bodies I have between Slink, Maitreya and Belleza because each has pros and cons.  I do have the Wowmeh mesh body too but there doesn’t seem to be many skins etc. made for the Wowmeh and I thought I heard that the creator just up and left SL.

When the mesh heads appeared at The Shops (The Mesh Project – TMP), I trotted on over to that insane asylum of a store and bought one.  I didn’t like it and pretty much vowed to myself, and a few friends on Facebook, that I’d probably never wear one until I was confident that I wouldn’t lose the facial features I spent years fine-tuning.   This week I decided to delve into it more and to see if I could come up with a look that wasn’t too far from my system head look and also one that I was comfortable with.  I felt reassured in the quest after running into a SL resident at some event who’s look just knocked my socks off.  She was wearing a mesh head but it was a different look.  She didn’t have that ‘mesh head look’ that I normally see.  I’m sure some of you know what I mean.


With my new quest being my top priority, I set out and bought a few heads.  One was from Lelutka (Stella) and the other was the new Catwa head (Jessica).   I already had the TMP Fierce Deluxe Head and the Slink Visage Head (Emma) so I was all set to compare.  I do realize there are many new mesh heads being created and sold every day but you have to buy the one that most designers are making skins and makeups for and right now, that’s the 4 I choose to compare.  (We all know what has happened to shoe designers who’ve refused to make shoes for Slink feet right?  Moral: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.)

I had to narrow down my choices even more when it came to the skin I wanted to wear.  I pretty much started with the Catwa and Lelutka heads because they were newest and both had nice features to their heads that the other two heads didn’t.  I then went to the website for each and looked down the list of skin makers and went to their stores and bought quite a few skin demos for the heads.  I finally liked one skin in particular on the Lelutka Stella Mesh head but I thought I looked too pretty and sweet.   However, I didn’t want to give up on the Lelutka Mesh head brand so I went back to the store and bought the Lelutka Ever head.  I didn’t think it would matter too much since most of the heads look the same to me but it was what I was looking for.  The Lelutka Ever head wasn’t too sweet or pretty with the skin I chose.   You should know, though, that I had to adjust my system head shape to the point that if I’m not wearing the mesh head I look pretty messed up and squished.   You can only adjust 2 settings while wearing the mesh head – head size and head stretch to try and change the look of the head.  You may also have to adjust your eye settings but the notecards for each head will inform you of the settings to use for your eyes.


I was totally impressed with the Catwa head and I hope to use it too when more skins are available.  Once I was done accomplishing a look I was happy with, with the Lelutka Ever head, I tried on the TMP head again and applied some skins.  I didn’t like it on me.  There’s just something about the TMP head that looks totally fake to me – and on me.   Speaking of fake, I still don’t like the profile of any of the heads because they just tend to have a weird, too perfect look to me.  Even the lip area is a bit fake but I’m working on that issue by trying different lipsticks from different merchants.  My system head would look different with different lipsticks and the same is true with the mesh head.

One other thing I found out is that the mesh heads have only two areas that can you can apply things to – the lip area and the eye area.  I ran into a problem when I wanted to apply my new red eyebrows and new eyeliner.  I couldn’t wear both and that saddens me.  If you saw my previous blog post you’ll see I’m not wearing eyebrows and that’s the reason why.  I wanted the drama of the eyeliner but because of the limitation of the appliers, I went without the eyebrows and I wasn’t totally thrilled with the overall look.

One other thing I’ve noticed if you wear totally mesh everything.  There is this neat little photography tool you can use to adjust yourself like you would any other object in SL using the Edit feature.  (See the video here if you don’t know what I’m talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUrAbKOBQMs) You can’t adjust yourself when you’re wearing all mesh – head, body, feet and hands.  You need to be wearing a system part to grab onto to move yourself.   I’ll have to work on figuring that out somehow but if someone else has any ideas on how to work around this, please let me know!

So here I am with the final look wearing the Lelutka Ever Mesh Head.  I don’t think this is the end of my quest for finding looks that I like with the mesh heads but this is the furthest I’ve gotten so far.  I can’t wait to try more skins and makeups to change up my look with the mesh heads.   Thank you for visiting my blog today and I hope some of it was insightful!


D E T A I L S:
Top: –Thalia Heckroth– Giulia Jacket (MAITREYA) Nude
Pants: ISON – nova zipper pants
Jewelry: LaGyo_Shailene
Backpack: [Black Bantam] Unisex Leather Satchel
Hair: [e] Stella
Head: .LeLutka.Mesh Head-EVER
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3

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  1. Hi Linda,I read your article, I feel very identified in and with you, I also refused at first to mesh heads, finally I have Simone Lelutka and Gwen Catwa, but I still have not come to find a skin and make-up that approach my current look. Like you and many colleagues, I have taken years to find the look that I wanted and where I felt comfortable, I’m still in my search and I hope find it someday

    1. Anna, thanks for discussing your feelings about the mesh heads. Since this post, I have tried on and changed heads. I also really liked the Catwa Gwen head but when Catwa Clip released the Sarah head I knew I found the right one. I’ve also tried a few new skins too and and found one I really like in addition to my old standby skin-maker. I’ve found that so many things can change your look with a mesh head. Obviously, the mesh head itself will give you the base you need, but skins, eyebrows, lips and even lashes contribute to the overall finished look. With all these things, there’s no reason why you’d look the same as another person who bought the same head. I’ve been wearing the Catwa head faithfully since this original blog post and it’s become “my look”. When I have to wear my system head and skin, I feel like a fish out of water now. You have to be comfortable with your new look but I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for eventually. You’ll know it when you find it! ❤ ❤ ❤

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