Double Trouble

Recently, I was invited to join a Flickr group where the purpose of the group was basically to challenge yourself by creating a style and photo according to the chosen monthly theme.  Of course, I rose to the first challenge and submitted my photo because not only is it a fun thing to do, I think it’s also imperative that we, as SL models and bloggers, keep challenging ourselves.  When I saw this ASO! jumpsuit I bought two colors in case I needed one for an upcoming project.  The project didn’t pan out so I thought I’d wear both and style them differently as a personal challenge for my blog.  One thing I realized from my own challenge was that it was harder for me to style the cream colored jumpsuit as opposed to the khaki one.  I think the cream is a more elegant styling and maybe that’s where I need to work harder.   Try the challenge for yourself by picking a plain dress or pantsuit for your clean slate and then style it 2 different ways.  (Okay, 3 or more ways if you’re an over-achiever.)  I bet you’ll learn something about yourself too.

AOS Jumper_Cream_Long

AOS Jumper_Cream_Close

AOS Jumper Khaki_Long

AOS Jumper Khaki_Close

D E T A I L S:

Cream color:
Jumpsuit: ASO!Classic Lady (white)
Earrings: [MANDALA]LEGACY Kilimanjaro
Bracelets: [MANDALA]Pearl rain season 2/CREAM
Shoes: Essenz – Mumbai
Necklace 1: Glam Affair – Bubble Necklace Venus
Necklace 2: [ glow ] studio – Pastel Coctail Necklace
Ring: [ glow ] studio – Pastel Coctail Ring
Clutch: Miss Lowen – Floreta Clutch / Zafair *NEW* {Available soon @ Kustom9}
Hair: MURRAY- Catherine Hairstyle

Khaki color:
Clutch: (epoque) Alimony Clutch – Rhubarb
Shoes: Ama. : Gilded Oxfords : Ruby
Jumpsuit: ASO!Classic Lady (khaki)
Watch: GizzA – Asia Watch&Bracelet
Earrings: LT_Round Disc Earring_ Lapis lazuli by Tracei
Hat: Xens Hats Boynton Hat Blue (Mesh)
Hair: [RA] Robin Hair
Pin: [tea.s] Pop Badge – Cherry

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