A Day In The Life

The other day when I had a rare occurrence of extra time I decided to support my fellow bloggers and peruse the WordPress Reader to catch up on some blogs that I’ve been missing.  I came across a post from one of my fav blogsites, Pearls & Pistols (link below), and I saw a very unique skirt from VidaLoca that I decided I just had to have.


A few days before seeing the skirt, I had tp’d somewhere to do some shopping and as I cammed around the rest of the sim, I saw this cool t-shirt from Klubwerk.fashion. I chuckled when I saw it and the irony the saying represents. After finishing another long and grueling tax season in RL that compromised my health in March, I had taken a long break from SL and I really enjoyed it. Spending time away makes you realize what you’re missing by not sitting in front of a computer all the time! However, here I am – back in SL – but vowing to still take breaks and enjoy my RL too.  Hmm, to get back on track here – I knew the t-shirt would go perfect with the skirt and off I went to snatch it up.


Anyway, I certainly didn’t want to copy my fellow bloggers at Pearls & Pistols but I really couldn’t resist owning a version of this skirt and making it my very own. I hope you also like the skirt, top and anything else I’m wearing and decide to make it your very own too. That’s part of the reason we blog – to keep the SL economy going!


D E T A I L S:
Eyeglasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black *deco*
Shoes: ArisAris – Forward Wedges
Necklace 1: Glam Affair – Chainedlink Necklace Black/Gold
Necklace 2: Kibitz – Figaro chain necklace
Rings: ieQED irina.ring.set
T-Shirt: KlubWerK.her -Top/Maya
Bracelets: LUXE. Ekstrax Bangles
Skirt: VidaLoca – sweatskirt
Earrings: [MAGIC NOOK] Summer Hoops
Hair: Runaway [RA] Tara Hair
Jacket: [SG*] 4Minute – Jacket (store closed – not avail.)

Please visit the Pearls & Pistols Blog!  

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