Cocktail Hour


D E T A I L S:
Gloves: LaGyo_Zarema gloves Jet
Hat: *LODE* Trussets
Shoes: Bens Boutique – Diamond Platforms
Earrings: Ryca DC PLATINUM
Mask and Ring: Face Tarentule set by sad* L’Atelier
Dress: Dead Dollz Half Measures Cocktail Dress
Pose: Del May Don’t Breathe Out

Additional Notes:
1.  I LOVE this dress but designers need to check their creations and/or alphas so that shoulders, elbows, knees etc. don’t poke out in the regular course of wearing an outfit. Nothing on this dress was retouched in the picture since the pose was perfect but I did notice parts of the shoulder coming through just while my AO was on. It’s not my shape! How does a person adjust an elbow or a knee or the top of their shoulder?  Working with MOLiCHiNO’s Aurelia Chauveau, I know all the hours she spends making sure body parts don’t poke through a design when you move your body, so there’s no reason why anyone else’s designs should either.

2.  I happened to see this mask and jewelry from L’Atelier when Sadbab Shan added me as a friend on Flickr. This is an exquisite set of jewelry and there’s more to it than what you see here. Here is the set from Sadbab’s Flickr. It just so happened that everything worked in the picture using the right side of my body so you couldn’t see all the details in the jewelry and mask that I originally intended.  Picture was taken at the L’Atelier store too.

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