Before anyone’s jaw drops and wags their finger at me, let me just say that, yes, my picture is a recreation of the Kate Spade, New York ad.   Most of my pics are normally born from my own imagination but once I saw the ad in a virtual magazine, I knew I had to try to recreate it.  I was just waiting for the perfect dress and I found it at Collabor88 from The Secret Store.  The rest of my look uses things that just fell into place and added the colors I wanted.   Well, except for the scooter from {what next} but this tan color still seems to work.  Did I mention that sometimes, I hate gachas?  If anyone needs a tan scooter, IM me.  I have an extra if you want it.

Thanks for visiting!


D E T A I L S:
Dress: The Secret Store – Betty Swing Dress – Curry @Collabor88
Bracelets: A&ana Fashion AmeliaYellow Bracelet
Purse: Pure Poison – Mbao Hand Bag
Shoes: [Co57] Valentina Tiffanys
Helmet: [LWL] Scooter Helmet (Black Leather) (helmet not available but there’s other cool stuff)
Scooter: {what next} Tan Scooter
Pose: created by me, Linda Reddevil !

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