SL EB Awareness Event

An old friend in SL contacted me a few days ago and asked me if I’d be so kind to post something on my blog about an event that was taking place in SL to create awareness of Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).  Of course, I told her I’d be happy to and also to sneak in a few thing that you can find at the event available for purchase.  There are many vendors and each has exclusive items or limited edition items that can only be found at this event.  The Event runs through Monday, May 5th.

Event Info and Calendar

What is EB?

TP To Event


*Wearing Punky Chicks Tube Dress Exclusive @ EB Awareness Event
Other Credits –
Hair: Vanity Hair Vintage Base and Besame updo
Butterfly Mask: 22769 @ L’Accessoires
Butterfly Shoulder: Plume (closed)
Earrings: Ryca


You can also find these lovely skins at the Event from Apparence Skins & Shapes :

DIVA Skin Jolie – 2 Versions



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