It’s a Wrap: AVENUE A/W Fashion Week 2013 – Solidea Folies

This is my 8th and (almost) final blog post promoting the wonderful designers, and their creations, that are to be a part of the much anticipated AVENUE A/W Fashion Week 2013.  Blogging for this event has been extremely rewarding but also a lot of hard work and I certainly was not alone in this endeavor.  You can view all the many people who blogged for this event on AVENUE’s Event Flickr page HERE.

While I’m currently preparing my outfits that will be shown on the runway, I had to unfortunately take a break in blogging the few remaining outfits I have left to show you.  I promise to blog them soon but until then, I thought I’d basically wrap things up with a design from Mila Tatham of *SoliDea FoliEs*.  It is from her Zero Collection and consists of a skirt, belt and turtleneck along with a note from Mila adding that “The Zero lines affords the wearer the freedom of choice, the luxury of creative styling your own picture of elegance.”  It is with that in mind that I share with you my creation  below.

** The fashion show for *SoliDea FoliEs* is scheduled for Monday, September 30th @ 12p slt **

For more information on show dates and times, please visit the AVENUE Inc website HERE

(If you wish to see me on the runway during the event, I will be in 3 shows: Kunglers – Sunday, Sept. 29th @ 4p slt; DirtyMind and Novacane – Wednesday, Oct. 2nd @ 6p slt; Artizane – Thursday, Oct 3rd @ 6p slt.)


D E T A I L S:
Base Outfit (Skirt/Top): *SoliDea FoliEs* Zero
Gloves: LaGyo_Zarema gloves Jet
Hat: ** DIRAM ** BRIGITTE Chinese Hat
Necklace: A&A Fashion Beads Necklace Cat Blue
Coat: Sonatta Morales *8* Mai Coat
Ring: [ glow ] studio – I’m your present red ring

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