I’ll be back soon…

Hi everyone! It’s that time of year again when my RL job kicks into high-gear due to tax time. You’ve heard the horror stories of accountants putting in long hours and 7 day work weeks? Well, it’s all true! Unfortunately, due to this, I’ve been unable to keep up with blogging and shopping in SL but the bright side is that there’s a little over a month left until the end of tax season. \o/ In the meantime, when I do have some available time to play around in SL, I’ll blog what I can.So, no, I didn’t disappear from SL nor have I disregarded your items to blog. I appreciate your patience and understanding until tax season is over and if you live in the States and haven’t done your taxes, run NOW! Accountants always remember last-minute people and not in a nice way either! lolHugssssLinda

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