The Arts


When AVENUE Magazine presented me with the task of the Blogspot theme ‘Passion’, the first thing that came to mind was the arts. Music, dancing, singing, painting, etc. As a child, I took ballet and was quite good at it but I didn’t have the drive to continue with it as I grew older. I also love to sing but if I had been blessed with a great singing voice I wouldn’t be sitting behind my monitor playing Second Life most likely. lol Anyway, in order to convey something that I was very passionate about, I felt I had to dig in my inventory and wear the one thing that I knew could express my passion for the arts without me having to say a word.

The only reason why I’m discussing it now is because the arts are dying in our schools and in our communities. So many symphonies are dying out due to lack of funds and art related courses are being discontinued in schools due to lack of funding and this is something that everyone should be outraged about. I shudder to think how many future artists and/or performers will be stifled because they weren’t nurtured at an early age all due to a bunch of politicians who can’t balance budgets or who use school taxes for something else entirely. However, it would be a cold day in hell that our schools couldn’t get funding for anything sports related such as football or basketball, though.

This is what I’m passionate about.

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